Identification of myocardial infarction by high frequency serial ECG measurement

Jonas Sandelin, Jukka-Pekka SirkiƤ, Arman Anzanpour, Tero Koivisto
University of Turku


The purpose of this study is to attempt to identify acute myocardial infarction with high frequency serial electrocardiogram which both are ECG analyzing techniques. The idea is to combine these two techniques and see if changes between different ECGs from the same person can provide us with some information, whether it being in the high frequency or normal frequency range of ECG. A heart attack can occur at any time and therefore the possibility of using a wearable device was also researched. To answer the questions, an existing database which contained multiple ECGs for each person with high sampling frequency was used. On top of this, a new serial ECG database was gathered using a wearable device designed by the University of Turku. Using multiple ECGs, features were extracted from the signals and then used in different machine learning methods in order to classify the subjects. All of the methods seem to be relevant. High frequency ECG was found to be useful, while serial ECG provided us good results with both databases. The device was also found to be able to produce good quality ECG.