Abstract Books

Until 2015 delegates received a full printed abstract book which contained all abstracts and the conference program.  As of 2016 abstracts were made available electronically and a smaller, more eco friendly, program booklet was printed for each delegate.  Below we have provided links to electronic copies of program booklets, possibly abstracts, for recent conferences.  Please note that these are large files and in some cases some information may be missing (e.g. book cover pages).

2023 Atlanta, USA
2022 Tampere, Finland
2021 Brno, Czech Republic
2020 Rimini, Italy
2019 Singapore
2018 Maastricht, Netherlands
2017 Rennes, France
2016 Vancouver, Canada
2015 Nice, France
2014 Cambridge, USA
2013 Zaragoza, Spain
2012 Krakow, Poland
2011 Hangzhou, China
2010 Belfast, Northern Ireland