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The Sunday Symposium

Since 1990, each scientific meeting of CinC has been preceded by a Sunday afternoon symposium highlighting current research in an area of special interest to the local hosts. The Sunday symposium provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about topics that may be new to them, to connect them with their own research interests, and to hear about the significant contributions and ongoing research coming from the laboratories and clinical research centers of the local organizers and invited speakers.

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Sunday Symposia Topics


Novel approaches for personalized cardiac health: from stem cells to wearable technologies
Katriina Aalto-Setälä, Reijo Laaksonen, Jussi Koivumäki, Mark Van Gils


Artificial Intelligence
C. Roney, M. Sermesant, A. Kennedy


Technological Innovations in Cardiac Therapies : Visions from clinicians, regulatory agencies and companies
M. Haissaguerre, M. Biffi, M. Del Greco, A. Redaelli, G. Corbucci, N. Virag, F. Veronesi, R. Bursi, M. Cluitmans


Mind the Gap: Cardiologist and Engineer
Yeo Khung Keong, Tan Ru San, Fam Jiang Ming, Wong Woei Jiuang, Marcus Ong Eng Hock, Jason Chen, Mayank Dalakoti, Li Yongfeng, Wong Chee-Leong
2018 Simulation activities and exploration – hands on sessions
J. Lumens, P. van Dam, Thomndorp, M. Clerx, R. MacLeod, J. Tate
2017 A Success story in CRT and Vagus nerve stimulation
JC. Daubert, G. Hindricks, C. Linde, G. De Ferrari, V. Dusi, F. Zannad, A. Hernandez ,
2016 Cardiology and Space Flight
R. Thirsk, P. Norsk, P. Migeotte, J. Shoemaker, V. Convertino, E. Seedhouse,
2015 Multiscale Computing in Cardiology
J. Barhanin, J. Jeremy Rice, G. Latcu, M. Sermesant, M. Amann,
2014 Data-driven Learning, Discovery, and Innovation
Roger Mark, Daniel Levy, Ary L. Goldberger, Leo Anthony Celi,
J. Randall Moorman, David Paydarfar
2013 Multi-scale Cardiac Modeling
Esther Pueyo, Antonio Zaza, Andras Varró, Yoram Rudy, José Jalife,
José F. Rodríguez
2012 Virtual Reality in Cardiac Surgery
W. Zareba, J. Bulka, T. Szuba, M. Gajer, Z. Nawrat,J. Sliwka,
P. Kostka, K. Rohr, W. Sadoeski, K. Krzysztofik
2011 Window on Chinese Cardiovascular Research
H. Duan, S. Luo, Qing Wang, Jianan Wang, Yan Zhang,
Kuanquan Wang, Ling Xia
2010 Mobile Coronary Care
Peter Donnelly, Eric McAdams, John Anderson, Jennifer Adgey,
Mary Carey,
2009 Scientific Computing and Imaging at the SCI Institute
Rob Macleod, Brent Muhlestein, Ed DiBella, Frank Sachse,
Ross Whitaker, Dana Brooks, Chris Johnson
2008 Wireless Applications in Medicine
Johan de Bie, B Valotti, D Hampton, M Busuoli, M Parrucci,
V Lobianco, G Mazzini, G Finocchiaro, Maria G Martini
2007 40th Anniversary of the Duke Cardiovascular Databank: Past, Present, Future
Kerry Lee, Charlie Bethea, Bob Harrington, Bob Arzbaecher, Dan Schindler, Rob Califf
2006 Cellular Basis of Cardiac Pathologies: New Therapeutic Methods
Ramón Brugada, Ruben Coronel, Beatriz Trénor, Miodrag Stojkovic
The Impact of New Technologies in Cardiology
Pedro Serrano, Rahms Hellmer, Ricardo Ruíz
2005 Past, Present, and Future in Cardiology and New eHealth Perspectives
Paul Touboul, Didier Revel, Jean-Pierre Boissel, Paul Rubel, Jean-Claude Healy
2004 Evaluation and Management of Atrial Fibrillation
Westby Fisher, Al Waldo, Douglas Packer, Elliot McVeigh, Rahul Mehra, Ted Feldman
2003 Prevention and Quality of Health Services in Cardiovascular Diseases: The Benefits of Pervasive Computing, Ambient Intelligence, and Telemedicine
Josef Lauter, Paul Rubel, Nicos Maglaveras, Stelios Orphanoudakis, Vassilios Vassilikos, Takis Kotis, George Vrouhos, Pantelis Angelidis, Ilias Iakovidis, Adreas Lymberis, Silas Olsson, George Louridas
2002 Fibrosis and Fibrillation: Engineering and Clincal Perspectives
K Weber, R Malkin, P Spooner, M Arnsdorf, A de Jongh, T Sutter, A Wit, M Spack, J Soberman
2001 Novel Techniques and Computer Applications in Cardiology
Paul G Hugenholz, ML Simoons, PW Serruys, N Bom, JRTC Roelandt
2000 Special Workshop on Sleep Apnea Detection
Participants in the PhysioNet/CinC Challenge 2000
Effects of Space Flight on Human Physiology
John B Charles, Laurence Young, Richard J Cohen
1999 Molecular Genetic Research on Diagnosis and Therapy of Cardiac Diseases
Hanjörg Just, Hans-Peter Vosberg
1997 In-Hospital Ischemia Monitoring
1996 Electrophysiological and Imaging Aspects of Sudden Cardiac Death
1995 Advances in Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiography:
ISHNE Educational Session
M Malik, H Weber. F Badilini, P Kulakowski, S Cerruti
Current and Future Trends in Cardiology:
The Impact of Computer Technology
P Kühn, G Maurer, C Zeelenberg, E Garcia, H Feigenbaum, J Whiting, G Maier, B Khandheria, O Ratib
1994 Integrated Cardiac 3D Imaging:
From Basic Science to Clinical Application
Francis Klocke, Robert Bonow, Michael Green, Robert Balaban, Leon Axel, Eric Hoffman, Bruce Brundage, Ofaf von Ramm, Edward Geiser, Stephen Bacharach
1993 Current and Future Coronary Imaging Techniques:
Clinicians’ Requirements Beyond the Scientific Limit?
Martin Rothman, Chris Zarins, Julien Hoffman, Anthony Rickards, Tom Marwick, Marie-Claude Morice, James Thomas, Duncan Dymond, Charles Dumoulin, Lincoln Moura, Alastair McDonald
1992 Applied Cardiac Electrophysiology
Raymond E Ideker, Robert L Lux, William M Smith, John P Wikswo
Theoretical Cardiac Electophysiology
James P Keener, Yoram Rudy, C Frank Stanner
Computers in Nuclear Cardiology
G Allan Johnson, R Edward Coleman, Robert H Jones
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Norbert Pelc, G Allan Johnson
1991 Automatic Implantable Cardioverter/Defibrillators
R Arzbaecher, P Cornaglia, A Hedin, F Crema, F Lindemans, R Lebrun, J Mayer, RD Fletcher, N Ophoff, M Santini, J Salerno, L Donato, PG Hugenholtz, F Furlanello, A Sargentini
1990 Technology of Arrhythmia Management
Anthony Nathan, James Roth, Steven Swiryn, Raymond Ideker, Craig January,
J Thomas Bigger Jr, Ralph Lazzara, Christopher RC Wyndham, Morton Armsdorf

CinC Tutorials

The Sunday Symposia grew out of the earlier CinC Tutorial series, designed to provide introductions to the major topics discussed in the scientific sessions of the conference:

1989 Intra-Coronary Imaging by Ultrasound
Body Surface Potential Maps and the Inverse Problem
Current Quantitative Problems in PTCA
Applications of Nuclear Medicine in Cardiology
1988 Randomized Clinical Trials: Current Methodology with Applications
Joel Verter, Lawrence Friedman
Fundamental Electrocardiography and Digital Signal Processing
James J Bailey, Alan S Berson
Electrocardiographic Quantification of Ischemia
(Analysis of ST-T in Exercise and Ambulatory ECGs)

Paul D Kligfield, Mitchell W Krucoff
1987 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Cardiology:
Methodology and Applications

Digital Coronarography and Left Ventriculography
Implantable Pacemakers, Cardioverters, and Drug Delivery Systems
1986 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Cardiology
William Long, Ramesh Patil, Edward Shortliff, Marvin Minsky
Clinical Electrophysiology and Cardiac Mapping
Eugene Downer, Raymond Ideker, Jeremy Ruskin
Digital Techniques in Cardiac Ultrasound:
From Fundamentals to Future Clinical Applications

David Skorton, Steve Collins, Alfred Parisi
Computers in Cardiac Pacing
Robert Arzbaecher, Alan D Bernstein, Louis Sasmor
1985 Data Processing in Exercise Testing
Olle Pahlm, Leif Sörnmo, Thorvald Bjurö, Jussi Tranesjö
Statistical Evaluation of Clinical Trials
Lars Wilhemssen, Hans Wedel, Kjell Tennert
Image Processing in Medicine
Uno Ericsson, Gösta Granlund, Nils Åslund, Michiyoshi Kuwahara
Computer Supported Decision Making in Medicine
Medical Expert Systems

Sture Hägglund, Kristian Sandahl, Paul D Clayton
1984 Expert Systems and Application in Medical Decision-Making
Paul D Clayton, Homer R Warner
Personal Computers and the Physician
Jerome R Cox, Jr
Design of Experimental Studies and Statistics
Tim Bishop, Jim Reading, Bruce Wampold
Experience with an Implanted Artificial Heart
William DeVries
1983 Cardiovascular Database Design:
Applications and Medical Decision Making

HDJ Covvey
Personal Computers and Physicians
JR Cox, L Kun
Comparison of Cardiac Imaging Techniques:
Angiography, Ultrasound, Scintigraphy, and NMR

N Bom, F Navarro-Lopez, GT Meester
Design of Experimental Studies and Statistics
J Michaelis, KH Schicketanz
1982 Echocardiography: Imaging and Processing Techniques
Cardiovascular Database Design, Applications, and Medical Decision Making
Digital Fluoroscopy
Computer-Assisted Interpretation of Exercise Testing
1981 Database Management
HD Covvey
Nuclear Cardiology: Applications, Limitations, and Recent Developments in the Measurement of Ventricular Function
MV Green, H Berger
Computer Systems for Intensive Care
RM Gardner, LC Sheppard
Computer Assisted Interpretation of Exercise Testing
L Simoons
An Overview of Cardiology Instrumentation
P Heintzen, GT Meester, C Marchesi
How to Cope with the Requirements for Clinical Research and Clinical Care
P Hugenholtz, L Donato
1980 Introduction to Computerized Arrhythmia Analysis
KL Ripley, A Murray
Computer Systems for Intensive Care
RM Gardner, JJ Osborn, LC Sheppard
Left and Right Ventricular Wall Motion
PE Lange, J Buersch, P Heintzen
Nuclear Cardiology: Its Practical Limitations
MV Green, SL Bacharach, JS Borer
The AHA Database for Evaluation of Ventricular Arrhythmia Detectors
RE Hermes, GC Oliver
Computer Processing of Diagnostic Electrocardiograms
TA Pryor, JJ Bailey, JL Talman
1979 Regional Wall Motion of the Left Ventricle
RW Brower, EL Alderman
Arrhythmia Detection
KL Ripley, A Murray
Computer Support in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
HD Covvey, HP Krayenbül