CinC Community

Computing in Cardiology is about more than organizing a conference, it is a society of engineers, physicians, and scientists who share a common passion for exploiting the power of computing to understand, diagnose, and treat all aspects of the heart.  We are a diverse, international community that meets in person once a year to share ideas and breakthroughs.  

Our community continues to interact between the CinC conferences and in order to better facilitate this interaction we have set up an online forum that we hope will help foster communications within that community, to find each other, to propose ideas, and to inform each other about opportunities that engage and promote our research and our science.  We have established this online forum using the Google Groups facility.  Known as “CinC Community” you can navigate directly to the group as hosted by Google by clicking here.  The group is also directly accessible at the bottom of this page.  In any case you are required to log in to Google and request to join the group before you can post or receive correspondence.

The present CinC mailing list will continue to serve as the official vehicle for the organization, to be used sparsely for the CinC leadership to inform the membership about events and programs specific to the organization.  By contrast, CinC Community will be a place for discussions and exchange initiated BY the members of the community and WITHIN the members of our community. 

CinC Community Google Group